5 Golden Globe hotties you never noticed before they melted the red carpet last night

Posted by , 13 January 2014



One of the reasons Michelle Dockery has probably passed you by is because she's regularly being laced into a corset and acting like a certified lady in things like Downton Abbey and Anna Karenina.


Oh, and wearing a variety of different hats and looking lovely in all of them.



Yep, even a top hat. But now is the time to pay attention.

Already impressing Hollywood with her serious acting chops and angel face, we're no doubt going to be seeing much more of the 32-year-old Romford-born actress. She'll be appearing next month as air hostess Nancy in Liam Neeson's next film Non-Stop. We'd let her check our seatbelts and give us a pre-flight safety demonstration… or something.

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