Michelle Keegan turned up at the TV Choice awards (sponsored by Daz) last night. She looked ultra-hot, in the same way that Daz washing powder gets your clothes ultra-white. Or is that Ariel? Oh, bugger, it is Ariel, Ariel Ultra. Well, originally it was known as Ariel Ultra, but it was re-branded in the ‘90s as ‘Ariel Futur’ (possibly to steal a march on Unliver’s launch of the ultimately doomed ‘Persil Power’). Michelle Keegan looked hot though. Hot and toned and tanned and happy. And, since our ‘ultra’ theme died a sad little death before it even had a chance to breathe, we’ll say Michelle Keegan is, in fact, the polar opposite of that inanimate, white, slightly metallic smelling white powder that you use to clean your clothes.

Michelle Keegan's legs

So, yes: Michelle Keegan. Who is she? She’s Tina McIntyre from Coronation Street. She’s won awards, namely ‘Best Newcomer’ at the British Soap Awards in 2008, ‘Sexiest Female’ at the British Soap Awards in 2009 and then, sweet Jesus, she saw off strong competition from Lacey ‘Stacey Slater’ Turner to win ‘Sexiest Female’ AGAIN this year. What a woman. And to think she was once turned down for a part in Hollyoaks.

Michelle Keegan's bum

Some excellent pictures here though. Good posture. Positive. Confident. And very feminine arms, too. She must have someone who does all the hoovering and lifting of heavy objects in her life. Or maybe she’s just got naturally ladylike arms, in the same way that if Wayne Rooney wasn’t a footballer, he’d still look like a menace. Sorry Wayne, we’re just a bit upset at the moment. Score a hat-trick tonight and we’ll forget all about it.

Michelle Keegan is nice and tanned

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