Day three of our sexy advent calendar and we'd like to introduce you to Denise Schaefer. A lady that first came to our attention when The Hundreds released a life-changing new video series from photographer Van Styles, which you can watch below.

Naturally, we loved her that much that we asked her to do a shoot in our very own mag and the rest is history. With slightly stalkerish undertones.

Check our her amazing pictures from her exclusive FHM shoot below, as well as a few reasons why you should bloody love her...

She did this shoot for us...

She reaffirms our overwhelming love for girls in trainers. (Yes, this is the video we were talking about.)

Denise's Instagram is a combination of sexy selfies, even sexier snaps from her shoots and, to our sheer delight, the occasionally appearance of bum cleavage.

Her Tumblr is an even better combination of her own photos and photos of other show-stopping hot ladies that she's taken a liking to.

Denise Schaefer Tumblr

And best of all, Denise collaborated for another jaw-dropping set with Van Styles, which you can find on his blog.

Denise Schaefer for Van Styles on FHM's Midweek Hottie

Van is The Man.