Diana Vickers is 22. Which is absolutely mental when you think about it really because she seems to have been around since forever. Or at least since 2008, when she did all the X Factor malarky and then had a number-one single.

Which is a lot more than we’d done at 22, an age that consisted mostly of us trying to grow out a Justin Bieber mop, sprout a beard and not learn to drive.

Vickers on the other hand has done loads, from topping charts and spots of acting to becoming so ridiculously hot that you’d sell your right eyeball if it meant you could look at her forever with your left one.

And now, she's on the cover of our brilliant December issue, after being voted by you lot as the sexiest girl in pop.

Here are a few reasons why we love her and why, if you didn't vote for her, you definitely shoud have...

She's did an earth-shatteringly hot shoot for our lovely magazine last month, check it out below...



She starred in this video

Earlier this year she popped up in the music video for Engish rock guys Dinosaur Pile-Up as a cheeky reminder of how she’s so hot she could melt a curry. Everybody went crackers. Including us.


She's pretty leggy

When she first started out, she'd only ever perform barefoot because it chilled her out, which is odd but endearing.

Thankfully, she’s pretty much packed that in now and has instead opted to only perform, or indeed leave the house, with bare legs. Which is a lot nicer.

She’s Queen of the Instagram selfie

Normally we wouldn’t applaud this too much because it can get a bit tiresome, but when you’ve got the golden locks of Vickers and your face is prettier than a beautiful picture painted by holy monks in the Himalayas, it’s perfectly acceptable.


She's done an earth-shatteringly hot shoot for the cover of our latest mag. And it's OUT NOW!