If you haven’t heard of Emily Ratajkowski, you've either been hiding in a hole in a remote desert (a hole without MTV), or you're deaf.

Don't worry though, even if you are hard of hearing you can still enjoy the sight of this fist-bitingly awesome British-born model.

The 21-year-old recently made Robin Thicke’s Blurred Lines video pleasantly not safe for work. And not safe for your trousers too, if you know what we mean. Eh? Actually, we’re not entirely sure what we mean there.

Now living in sunny California, where, thanks to the clement weather, it seems Emily has little need to wear clothes, be it for a pop video, commercial magazine cover or squashing grapes with her sexy, sexy feet.

OK, that last one was just a fantasy from our twisted minds. Don't judge us.

Reasons to love Emily

Her tumblr page is, like, well arty. You can probably just about look at this without the need for a post-browse cookies purge.

These sexy (sort of arty) bits of the Blurred Lines video. Not even Thicke’s odd dance (which is clearly a means of hiding his raging semi) can ruin it.

Emily’s Instargram account
is, luckily, approximately 10% pictures of cows, 2% sunsets and 88% unfeasibly small undies.

This video is one our favourite videos on YouTube that doesn’t involve a cat being fired out of anything.

Emily was also in Disney’s iCarly for over a year, but we won't show you pics of that because it’ll probably creep you out. Instead, here's a gif of her showing us how gravity works...