Irina Shayk. Read the name and remember it, because 2014 is going to be massive for everybody's favourite leggy Russian beauty.

First up, she's once again fronting Beach Bunny's range of super sexy skimpy swimwear. Check it out below:

Secondly, she's making her big screen debut alongside Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson in the new Hercules movie. Which is obviously awesome.

In case you need more convincing of her awesomeness, here are a few more reasons why you need to love her...

She's got more moves and swagger than an oiled-up Justin Timberlake video

If you’re a man with a taste for the finer things, you'll know her because of her feisty starring role in Penelope Cruz’s new Agent Provocateur film.

We dissected it here and you can watch it below… Fast forward to 3:07 for sexy awesomeness.

She knows how to wear a bikini better than anyone else, ever

Before she became a lingerie-clad seductress for Penelope Cruz, she was tickling your retinas as the super-awesome cover person for Sport Illustrated’s Swimsuit issue.

A role we're sure she was chosen for because she happens to have a bathing suit body so hot that it could make a grown man weep from all the sexy radiation hitting him in the face.

She's real girlfriend material

She’s not your average model with nothing to say, as proven by this video where she shows off a cheeky sense of humour, some talented burping and a (slightly strange) love for bacon candy.

Why would you not love a woman that thinks bacon candy is awesome and isn’t frightened of the odd bit of oral flatulence? It means that she’d definitely accept you for who you are, which we reckon is slap-your-thigh fantastic.

Her instagram is like a wardrobe portal into a Narnia world of everything magic and beautiful. Follow her here.


She’s also scientifically proven to be the reason that GIFs were invented, as shown by the following…

And, finally, she gives us hope

Irina goes out with Cristiano Ronaldo, which, while not completely awesome, does at least show that even slick-haired, Bambi-legged footballers can have redeeming characteristics.

It leaves a lot of hope for us normal types that actually have a fundamental grasp of what a normal tackle is.


Is there another beaufitul lady out there that you can't get out of your head? Let us know in the comments and we'll do our bloody bestest to get her on the site next week.

Header image: Beach Bunny