Sometimes there are awards parties in Hollywood. No, honestly there really are. It’s not all work, work, work over there in Beverly Hills you know, they’re all allowed to get together and appreciate each other ever now and then – usually every other night.

The latest batch of awards were handed out (with no politically driven pressure at all) at the Annual Hollywood Awards Gala. Which could quite easily be the Weekly Hollywood Awards Gala and nobody would notice anything different. But we’re actually not complaining, we’d be happier if it was weekly, because that means we would get to look at who had attended more often. And the famous girls always want to look their best at awards.

And trying to look their best for these gongs were not only Mila Kunis:

But also Halle Berry:

Shimmery. Halle could definitely fulfil the role of a disco ball later on at the party. A disco ball with an extremely exposed cleavage.

We don’t know who won what - actually we don’t even know what anyone could have won - but we assume that the award for ‘Lowest Cut Dress’ would have gone to Halle. And if it wouldn’t have, we’re pretty annoyed that we haven’t found the winner because she must have been walking round in a pair of braces.

Milla Jovovich was at the same awards too. And she was obviously thinking up a devious plan to prevent you from looking at Halle Berry’s chest more than her. Milla, it didn’t work.


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