The premiere goggles have been out again, as Black Swan was screened in New York this week. And through the lenses we have spotted Mila Kunis. Not that surprising you might point out, seeing as she’s in the movie, but she’s looking good so it needs highlighting.

We showed you Natalie Portman at the premiere yesterday, and that brings you all the info you need about the film. But there is one bit that we’re going to regurgitate because it’s so ruddy important. Quote: There are also bits when Portman goes out and gets all pissed and has a sexual encounter with Mila Kunis. Unquote. Thumbs are definitely pointing in an upwards direction at that news.

Mila Kunis looking at the camera in a low cut dress

There are almost certainly other aspects to the film, but we reckon a lot of people will be sold on just that pretence. Having not seen it, what we can deduce from the film so far is that both Mila and Natalie are a bit great. And there are a lot of swans in it, with Natalie Portman playing the Swan Queen and Mila the Black Swan. Plus there’s a Dying Swan played by Winona Ryder. Unfotunately there’s no Graeme Swann. Cricket is on the mind. Mila Kunis probably doesn’t play cricket.

Mila Kunis in a low cut light coloured dress

And now, neither does Mitchell Johnson. What a shame, because that was a guaranteed source of runs for Strauss and co. But still, now Mitch will have plenty of time to chill out and watch stuff like Black Swan. Oh, no he can’t, because it isn’t out in Australia until 13th January – after the last test. Chin up MJ.

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