Hello. How old are you? 26, yes. Do you know anyone who’s 17 years old? A couple of people, sure, all of which you’re related to. Do you find the idea of them writhing around in their underwear on TV a bit strange? Yeah you do. But that’s because they’re not super mega popstars like Miley Cyrus, She’s not afraid, not afraid, not afraid, not afraid to dance semi-naked.

She’s brave, really. We rarely dance semi-naked, and when we do it’s because we think it’s something our girlfriend might enjoy but when her laughing turns to retching and sobbing we become overwhelmed by disillusionment, apologise, hang up some of our clothes in an attempt to ‘tidy up a bit’, give her a hug and have a little cry in the toilet. Of course there are the times we dance semi-naked when we’re all alone, and they are some seriously good times. Usually it’s in the kitchen when we’ve just been for a run or a cycle ride and we’re in the awkward interim between ‘exercise’ and ‘shower’ when all you really want to do is eat a crumpet with loads of butter and marmite on it.

People will probably have a go at Miley, ‘cos she’s being all sexual and she’s only young and that. And people will probably worry about Miley because she’s only little and she’s writhing around like a fully grown sexy person. And people will probably say that Miley’s a bad influence on kids because not so long ago she was Hannah Montana and now she’s a bit more like Hannah MonHUMPER. But Britney Spears was playing a similar game at a similar age.

And she’s totally fine, so there’s no obvious problem that we can see.


1/ Miley Cyrus is too sexy for Disney
2/ Should Miley Cyrus do a sex tape?
3/ Miley Cyrus has no clothes


1/ Hayden Panettiere and a baby wolf
2/ Mollie King from The Saturdays in a dress