Milla Jovovich has been around for ages! We remember the first time we saw her running around in next to nothing, whilst speaking gobbldigook in Fifth Element in 1995. Now, she's running around shooting zombies in the face in next to nothing in Resident Evil: Afterlife. We know, she's come a long way.

Perhaps the lady herself has been injected with the film's fabled 'T-Virus' and has in fact become a sexy immortal bad ass. Or perhaps she just eats well and is Ukranian, most other people in Europe seem to be a lot healthier than Britain. You can picture them all munching on fish and standing by a frozen lake or something.

Anyway, the new Resident Evil movie is the fourth in the series and surprisingly has become only the second film series with a female lead to have three sequels. (The other one was Aliens.)

We have high hopes for the new film - which is why it's in the new issue, apparently it has blistering 3D from the team behind Avatar. We're hoping the film will pick up from the recent lull in the series, we remember fondly getting very excited when Nemisis said the famous line 'stars' in Resident Evil: Apocalypse. However, only the flaming crow scene in Resident Evil: Extinction came close to being as cool.

You're probably not here to read about Resident Evil, if you are then buy the new issue. If you're here to look at Milla Jovovich then go ahead and look, go on, off you go.

Milla only remembered to put on one earring in this picture, but she looked too bloody lovely, so we didn't have the heart to tell her.

Annnnnd here's the trailer for the movie:

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