Here are two exciting things happening at the same time that we had to tell you about.

The first is The Three Musketeers in 3D being premiered in London. This is interesting because it looks like somebody took a classic literary tale and hit it with a Pirates Of The Caribbean shaped stick. The results are promising and a bit 'Hollywood'. And the second very interesting thing indeed is Milla Jovovich being in attendance.

Milla, attending.

Milla plays Milady de Winter in the film, a dangerous and deadly (yet alluring) spy/assassin. Proper bloody ninja she is. Based on the pretty dramatic trailer she'll do lots of bullet time styled acrobatic sword stuff, avoid being hit by flying and barbed metal projectiles and generally be marvellously entertaining to watch, as usual.

She was joined at the premiere by her husband, Paul WS Anderson, who also directed the film. Coincidence? WE THINK NOT.

Also hanging about were Orlando Bloom, Chloe Sims and other actors. But there are no pictures of them here. They might be exciting in their own ways but they're just not Mila Jovovich.  And this is an article about Milla Jovovich. And ninja moves.

Speaking of ninja moves, unfortunately she didn't seem to do anything acrobatic or sword related at the premiere. This is dissapointing, and it would have made a very good story and everyone would have been marvellously suprised and entertained. But she did wear a dress and look cool (look, pictures). We suppose this is good because this way, no stuntmen lose an eye or anything unpleasant like that. But imagine she'd worn said dress and done the sword thing and the ninja thing as well? Damn.

Milla Jojovich in The Three Musketeers  
Due to lack of swords and ninja at the premiere, here's a picture of some swords and ninja moves from the film. Sorry, but It'll have to do.