If you have got a super-posh, super-wealthy, super-hot celebrity girlfriend, then congratulations good sir. Go away and toast your success with a glass of Dom Perignon and a game of croquet.

If, however, like us you do not have said girlfriend, then you might want to start following Made In Chelsea hottie and Pro Green's girlfriend Millie Mackintosh on twitter (@millsmackintosh).

There's one main reason for this, and that is that she is a fan of tweeting pictures of herself in bikins. Being huge bikini fans, we like this.

Here's her latest from her summer holiday in Ibiza with her rapper beau:

But as amazing as Millie looks in a picture taken on a phone by a pool, she doesn't look quite as amazing as when we put her in a room with Mel Clarke and Sabine Jameljanova, and gave them a big box of underwear to mess around with.

Here's Millie tickling Sabine. We've heard she's really ticklish.

And here she is walking up the stairs with Mel Clarke. We're not sure where they're going, or what they're going to do, but we don't really care.

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