There aren’t many celebs out there that can stare a red carpert wardrobe malfunction square in the face and walk away looking even sexier than before but then most celebrities aren’t as mind-explodingly sexy as Millie Mackintosh, are they? 

Here are five reasons why we think Millie is just about bloody perfect. 

01 She knows how to style out a wardrobe malfunction. Even when the almighty mother-nature isn't playing ball, Miss Mackintosh still keeps her red-carpet cool and still looks like the kind of awesome lady you’d love to go out with.



02 She brightens up our twitter feeds and gets us excited for summer with photos like this… 



03 She never disappoints on photo shoots



04 She's got an ace pooch that looks like it'd be the greatest man's best friend ever.

05 She’s going to be getting married to Professor Green,
after we introduced them to each other. Yup that’s right, FHM playing cupid, and that just makes us feel all fuzzy and nice inside.


Millie, we love you...


 Check out the amazing FHM shoot the made Professor Green propose to Millie Mackintosh.

Words: Taya Black