The skies may be grey, the ground may be wet, and long-term unemployment may be at its highest levels in 16 years, but Britain is still a wonderful place.

As anyone who has rifled through the June issue of FHM will be aware, this is the land of Shakespeare, the Premier League and Darth Vader’s body; a country, believe it or not, where Greggs outnumbers even the mighty McDonald’s.

Millie Mackintosh riding a big green tractor in London

And of course, it is on these fair isles where one Millie Mackintosh was born. You might know her best for her role on posho reality show Made In Chelsea, or perhaps for her sexy cover shoot for FHM.

Either way, we're sure you’ll agree that these pictures of her standing on a massive tractor in central London, in nothing but a tiny vest top, short-shorts and a pair of green Wellington boots, sums up everything that is good about our glorious nation.

Our Mills was taking a break from posting bikini pics of herself on Twitter to promote the Nature Valley Games, with former Olympians Roger Black and Jamie Baulch.
Which is nice. But mainly, she’s standing on a tractor, looking very, very pretty.

Millie Mackintosh sexy Twitter pic

When Millie's not riding tractors, she's posting piccies like these on her Twitter page.