Minka Kelly (and some other women, of course) are starring in a new series of popular 70’s show Charlie’s Angels. Great stuff.

ABC have taken on the show and are going to air it at some point this Autumn. The network have axed that Wonder Woman pilot that we were wittering on about over the last couple of months – which is a shame, because now we won’t get to see Adrianne Palicki bounce around in her armoured corset and fight crime. Or Liz Hurley try to best her.

Minka Kelly is tired of your nonsense

Still, apparently the show wasn’t all kick-ass action sequences and beautiful women – it also dealt with the difficulties of Wonder Woman’s personal life, and yeah, bothered. Shame, though.

Oh no! A Kidnap! Luckily the Angels are here

Luckily, Charlie’s Angels IS all kick-ass action scenes and beautiful women. We’re rather excited. While we can’t legitimately say that we enjoyed the recent films, we certainly enjoyed parts of them. Three parts of them named Lucy Liu, Cameron Diaz, and Drew Barrymore.

This is Rachel Taylor. She's very pretty

That, and the scene from the second one where they shot down a helicopter from a tank. That was quite good fun.

Pew pew pew!

The new show stars Minka Kelly (who isn’t really famous but bloody should be because she’s fantastic), Rachel Taylor (who was in Transformers briefly, and is now in Grey’s Anatomy) and Annie Ilonzeh, who, well, hasn’t done an awful lot. She was in General Hospital, which we’ve never seen.

That's too much champagne. They're going to be ill

Anyway, they’re all gorgeous, and they get up to sexy adventures together and it’s all camp but in a very watchable way. And we’re down with that. Hopefully ABC won’t cancel this one before it hits our screens. For all the haters out there who reckon that this won’t be good, we’re going to turn to astute YouTube commenter KaterinaDaily, who wrote:

“Stop believing that this remake is gonna be a flop just because you like the orginal version ! First Charlie's Angels is an? Agency ! Townsend Agency ! so you can imagine that is a new generation !! given a chance please ! You have to watch before judging !”