According to US Esquire, Minka Kelly is the current sexiest woman in the world. Unfortunately pretty much nobody really knows who she is. Her mum definitely does. We've heard of her. The people she works with are pretty much definitely clued up. But everyone else? Maybe not. This is Minka Kelly.

You can't deny that Ms Kelly is extremely attractive – Go on, try. No? Told you – but is she sexier than absolutely every other woman currently alive? Tough to justify.

She's best known for appearing in the TV series Friday Night Lights, the spin-off of the properly amazing American football movie of the same name, in which she plays a cheerleader. Well, playing a cheerleader is inherently pretty sexy on account of the uniform.

She also played Autumn in the film 500 Days of Summer. She was only in that for roughly 4 minutes, and her name was a bad joke in an otherwise quite excellent film, but she looked, as the olden days used to say, ravishing.

She was – well, still is – also in this video for Funny or Die, along with Alyson Hannigan, Jaime King and Katharine McPhee. It's pretty funny.

So does this qualify Minka Kelly as the Sexiest Woman in the World? Weeeelllll.....