When 27-year-old Australian model Miranda Kerr isn’t doing her thing as Victoria’s least well kept Secret or telling her husband Orlando Bloom to stop dicking about in the garden with a bow and arrow and to ‘let the past go’ she can be found peeling off her no doubt very expensive clothes for high end fashion and art pamphlets like Clear magazine. This is one of those periodicals that imagines the world as a never ending bizarre of beautiful things. Every chair, table, cup, bowl, knife, fork, spoon, lamp, picture frame, bookshelf, shed and sandwich has to be amazing and innovative and beautiful and timeless. Of course the reality is that most people's sofa’s smell of chips, the chairs rock unsteadily and the chances of fining a matching knife and fork in the kitchen are as good as finding that the end of that rainbow you’ve been searching for actually originates in Kevin McCloud's bottom.

Anywho, all that is absolutely fine when the result is nice pictures of Miranda Kerr like these. Sorry about the image quality, it seems the enterprising Johnny who posted these online isn’t a dab hand with a scanner. But we think you get the picture. It’s Miranda Kerr and her perfectly formed behind and a head dress and some shoes that probably cost more than a decent two week holiday.

Fashion people are mad crazy aren’t they? We were having a drink after work last night and saw a lady wearing some knee length boots that look like they’re made of leaves. For true. Gallery below.