In the latest slice of tasty American Pie goodness not only did we have FHM’s favourite cheerleader Katrina Bowden to drool over, we were also blown away by relative newcomer Ali Cobrin.

The 22-year-old plays Jim’s neighbour, Kara, who he used to babysit before she, ahem, grew up.

Ali Cobrin close up in a red dressAli Cobrin: warm apple pie

Shiny of hair and ample of chest Kara the high-school-hottie provides intense temptation for Jim as his marriage to Michelle hits a period of sex starvation.

And we can see why. With those big hazel eyes and long slender limbs she’s like a sexy Bambi we’d like to shoot with our love gun. In a nice way.

Ali Cobrin in a pink floral dressWe want to be that big pink flower

This year she also stars as a free spirited yoga teacher in the slightly shonky-looking Life’s An Itch, along with an atronaut's wife from Apollo 13 and a guy with a ponytail, but we’re sure it won’t be long before the mega-studios will come a-calling. And if they don’t, we most certainly will.