“Tell my why I don’t like Mondays?” famously queried the Boomtown Rats. Judging from the rest of the lyrics, the band never received a decent answer, so we’ll give them one. It’s because Monday is the day when massive ‘to-do’ lists meet even bigger hangovers. Yup, life sucks on a Monday unless… that Monday happens to be February 7, 2011, you happen to be a photographer and your name happens to be Miguel Villagran.

This backside does not belong to Miguel Villagran

Admittedly, we don’t know Miguel personally, but unless he’s slept with Cheryl Cole or been given a lifetime’s supply of Haribo ‘in the line of duty’, we are fairly certain today was the best day of his working life.

And we’re fairly certain of this fact, because today Miguel’s job was to photograph the 24 women who are still in the running to be crowned Miss Germany.

The Third Reich has a nice bum. And so does the fourth left...

Women like Caroline Ringwelski, who represents Nordrhein-Westfalen or Olga Metzger, who represents Sachsen-Anhalt. Which ones are they? Not sure, but we can tell you they have long legs, buoyant bosoms and dimple-free bottoms. And we can tell you that we hope the winner follows in the footstep of the last Miss Germany to go on and win Miss World.

Gabriella Brum would in future expose her bum

Gabriella Brum took the title in 1980 and then resigned her crown a mere 18 hours later when she was accused of posing naked for a magazine. She hadn’t, but thankfully she soon made up for that by stripping off for Playboy. Like we say, follow in her footsteps, ladies. Follow in her naked footsteps...