Miss Millionaire, our latest fresh-faced girl band, have finally released a video. We think you’ll agree it was definitely worth the wait. Take a look...

Miss Millionaire – made up of Madison Welch, Casey Batchelor, Sofia Chan and Holly Johnson in roughly equal parts - have taken a refreshingly open approach to marketing their music – they’re all really, really hot. Some of them – Madison and Casey – are glamour models, too, who you might have seen gracing the pages of Nuts or Zoo. Good stuff.

Fun fact: Holly Johnson shares her name both with the lead singer of Frankie Goes to Hollywood and a Christmas-themed venereal disease

We’re not entirely sure what they’ve been doing over the last few months – presumably getting their dance moves down pat and making sure that they’re all properly oiled up – but they’ve released a series of videos on YouTube about it. Luckily, most of the videos have some sexy dancing in them.

They can sing too, we figure, but it’s their epic hotness that’s going to kick out records. Take She’s My Freak, for example, their first single - the video for which we've kindly reproduced above. She’s My Freak is going to do pretty well for the following three reasons:

Sophia Chan from the girl band Miss Millionaire
Here's a picture of Sophia Chan to get you through all the words 

1. It sounds a bit like Destination Calabria, which has been out just long enough to a) penetrate the public subconscious and b) fall out of rotation in clubs, so people are looking for more of the same. Plus, trumpets are fun. More artists could learn from that.

2. It’s about having all sorts of freaky sex. This means that when it comes on, it’s an excuse to dance sexy with people. Not that we need an excuse, bronzed Adonises that we are, but it’s always nice to have a segue into it.

3. Look at the girls. Look at them. They’re all shiny and dancing around in their underwear. They kiss each other. At one point necks are licked. It gets us all excited. We’re not ashamed of that.

See? Licking! We're not making this up

Great work all round, ladies. All you need to do is keep releasing songs exactly like this – in fact, hell, you could just change the video and not bother recording anything new, we’re really forgiving like that – and you’re guaranteed success.