Alexandra Stan is the girl who knocked your socks off this summer with her Eastern European brand of pure hotness and bafflingly catchy song Mr. Saxobeat and now she’s back and stonkingly sexy. Not only is she back, but she wants you to get wherever she is ASAP, which is funny because that's exactly how we feel.

Alexandra Stan may not have known it at the time, but her song was a night-saver. The end of the night is nearing, you’ve somehow ended up with puke on your shoes, and you can’t remember if it’s yours or not. Your coupled-up mates have argued all night then gone home to have drunk make-up sex and you’ve washed up in some God-awful club with a scary name like 'Liquid Heaven' or 'Molten Nightmare'. You dig down into your pockets and realise you only have enough money for one shot of butterscotch Corky’s.

All of a sudden you hear that sax and the pure catchiness of it takes you away from your woes. You are well and truly lost in the music - you are at one with the Romanian beauty and her melodies. You down your Corky’s and head for the dancefloor to shake your pukey feet to the catchy Saxobeat.

It doesn't matter that when you open your eyes you realise you're actually bumping crotches with a 25-stone woman in a pair of devil horns called Janice, because in your mind you are free as the wind that blows on this very beach with Alexandra Stan. You are playing the saxophone, she is writhing around to the sweet sound of your music and she is definitely wearing those gold pants.