The Miss World 2010 contestants have been taking their bikinis (and in some cases, swimsuits) for a test drive as they gather in China to decide who will be crowned the Miss World 2010 winner on October 30. For those of you looking for clarification on the difference between a Miss World and a Miss Universe, there will be no such exactitude here. Because unless we missed a newsflash when we went to buy a chicken sandwich, we are still alone, and even if that all changes, what are the odds that the aliens will be sexy aliens? Sexy enough to compete with the women below? No chance. And what would happen if you cross-bred? E.T.? Way too risky. Thankfully, for the moment, we can concentrate on pictures of humans. Sexy female humans.

Below you’ll find lots of pictures. Not all the entrants from the 120 participating nations have made the cut, but that’s mainly because too much time spent playing with a cropping tool makes FHM want to break stuff. But have we made any glaring omissions? Let us know. We made a glaring emission earlier, on the tube. It was disgusting. A real carriage-clearer. Tears and recriminating stares everywhere. A very hostile start to the week. Let’s hope things improve from now on. If you were on that carriage, they definitely will do. Unless of course, you were on that carriage and you’re a Man United fan who loves Wayne Rooney, or a Liverpool fan who thinks Roy Hodgson’s the man for the job, in which case things are about to get a whole lot rougher. You hold tight. Meanwhile...

Miss USA, Alexandria Mills:

Miss World 2010 Miss USA

Miss Scotland, Nicola Mimnagh:

 Miss Scotland

Miss India, Manasvi Mamgai:

 Miss India Manasvi Mamgai

 Miss England, Jessica Linley:

 Miss England Miss World 2010 Jessica Linley

 Miss Wales, Courtney Hamilton:

 Miss Wales 2010

 Miss Northern Ireland, Lori Moore:

Miss World 2010 Miss Northern Ireland

Miss South Africa, Nicole Flint:

Miss World 2010 Miss South Africa

Miss Peru, Alexandra Liao Tipacti:

 Miss Peru, Alexandra Tipacti

 Miss Colombia, Laura Palacio Restrepo:

Miss World 2010 Miss Colombia

Miss Zimbabwe, Samantha Tshuma:

Miss Zimbabwe Samantha Tshuma at Miss World 2010

 Miss Venezuela, Adriana Vasini:

Miss Vevezuela Adriana Vasini

 Miss Netherlands, Desiree Berg:

Miss Netherlands, Desiree Berg

Miss Philippines, Czarina Gatbonton:

 Miss Philippines, Czarina Gatbonton

 Miss Puerto Rico, Yara Santiago:

Miss Puerto Rico Miss World 2010

 Miss Romania, Lavinia Postolache:

 Miss Romania Lavinia Postolache

Miss Brazil, Kamilla Salgado:

Miss Brazil Kamilla Salgado at Miss World 2010

Miss Poland, Agata Szewiola:

Miss Poland, Agata Szewiola

 Miss Serbia, Milica Jelica:

 Miss Serbia, Milica Jelica

Miss Russia, Irina Sharipova:

 Miss Russia, Irina Sharipova

Miss Australia, Ashleigh Francis:

Miss Australia, Ashleigh Francis:

 Miss Bosnia, Prorok Snezana:

 Miss Bosnia, Prorok Snezana

 Miss Denmark, Natalya Averina:

 Miss Denmark, Natalya Averina

 Miss Croatia, Katarina Banic:

 Miss Croatia, Katarina Banic

 Miss Bulgaria, Romina Andonova:

 Miss Bulgaria, Romina Andonova

 Miss Belgium, Cilou Annys:

Miss Belgium Cilou Annys

 Miss Montenegro, Milica Milatovic:

Miss Montenegro, Milica Milatovic

Miss Namibia, Odile Gertze:

Miss Namibia, Odile Gertze

 Miss Sweden, Dani Chelsea Karlsson:

 Miss Sweden, Dani Chelsea Karlsson

 Miss Spain, Fatima Jimenez Triguero:

Miss Spain, Fatima Jimenez Triguero at Miss World 2010

Miss Norway, Mariann Birkedal:

Miss Norway Mariann Birkedal at Miss World 2010

 Miss Slovakia, Marina Georgievova:

Miss Slovakia Marina Georgievov at Miss World 2010

 Miss New Zealand, Cody Yerkovich:

Miss New Zealand Cody Yerkovich at Miss World 2010

 Miss Turkey, Gizem Memic:

Miss Turkey Gizem Memic at Miss World 2010

PICTURES: Harry Page / Rex Features