The 23-year-old blonde singer from The Saturdays stepped out in a very striking (fnar! Fnar!) dress recently. Mollie King was out on the town alone, well not alone, she was with friends, but what we mean is the other members of The Saturdays weren’t there. Anyway, she went for a night out in a figure hugging black tube dress with a lighting strike on the front, The man who delivers the SANDWICHES to our office at lunch time thinks she might just like the dress, but we think there’s more to it.

Using research and our minds, we have extrapolated that the dress is actually Mollie pledging her allegiance to ‘The Boy Who Lived’ aka Harry Potter, who sports a scar on his forehead similar to the design on King’s dress that he received when Lord Voldemort tried to murder him as a baby by using the killing curse. At first Harry hid the scar but now he wears it with pride. You’ll be able to see this in the documentary following Harry’s continued campaign against the Death Eaters on November 19th when Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part one is released in cinemas, with the second part coming up in the first half of 2011. Should be exciting. Let’s hope Mollie is on Harry’s side and hasn’t had the imperius curse put on her!