When Mollie King turns 24, because she’s part of sexy girl band The Saturdays, she gets Frankie Sandford, Rochelle Wiseman, and Vanessa White (also from sexy girl band The Saturdays) to come along. That rather knocks our 24th birthday party into a cocked hat.

(Una Healy, by the way, was at a wedding. Which is a shame. But she didn’t come to our birthday party either, so there you go)

Frankie Sandford at the Glamour Awards 2011
Frankie Sandford, here, not at Mollie's birthday but actually at the Glamour Awards on Monday night. Don't ask questions, just enjoy the pictures

Compare and contrast: Mollie King and pals went to hip London club Mahiki to celebrate. Our birthday party was a little different. Penniless and distraught, we invited our friends round to our poorly-insulated Streatham flat for oven pizza and cheap imported lager from Lidl. One thing we can say about their Graffen-Walder beer – it tastes almost exactly as good coming up as it does going down. Which is a blessing, we suppose.

Una Healy at the Glamour Awards 2011
Una Healy, also at the Glamour Awards and - crucially - not at Mollie's birthday party

Mollie King’s guest list included not only most if not all of the The Saturdays, but also a couple of members of JLS. While they’re not the highest-profile band in the world (it’s not like popping down for a quick half with Bono, for example) they still leant some glitz and glamour to the occasion.

At our 24th, eight of our friends agreed to come on Facebook and only four dropped out, which was again a blessing because we only had enough chairs for five. JLS failed to turn up, along with Una Healy (what’s her problem, eh?).

Mollie King at the Glamour Awards 2011
Mollie King terrifies moustachioed men

Mollie ended the night by going home in a taxi and smiling for the cameras with her friends. We ended the night as our friends traipsed out the door at half eleven to get the last train home, and, beer-sodden and trouserless, we made ourselves as comfortable as we could on the bathroom floor and blacked out until around 11am the next day.

Bad times. Still. Glad Mollie had fun. We’re not bitter.