As in Peter Crouch’s missus?

The one and the same. Abbey and Peter have been together since 2006 and got married a couple of years ago. It’s safe to say that the lanky, long-legged, robot dancing footballer has done pretty well for himself.

So why are going on about her now?

Well firstly, she suffered a bit of a teeny-weeny wardrobe malfunction on the front row at Fashion Week. Look.


Obviously, we couldn’t show you the full picture right now. What if you were at work? Exactly. But you could always click here if you wanted to…

We knew you’d do that.

... well that’s awkward…erm, so what else has she been up to?

We’re glad you asked, when she’s not flashing the flesh at fancy fashion shows, she can also be seen being all beautiful and sexy in the world famous Clancy way as the face of Ultimo. You know, the renowned trouser shattering lingerie company.

Have a look.

Wow. We sort of get why she’s your Monday Crush now.

We knew you’d say that aswell.

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