If Ashley Sky is an unfamiliar name to you, allow us to say, "You're welcome." You're about to have you life, and your newsfeed, changed forever.

Chances are, you might recognise the Brazilian-American hottie from previous FHM.com stories. She features regularly in 15 Things A Man Should Know...thanks to her ability to turn a GIF into a "Gloriously Inappropriate Fantasy."

If you're already a superfan of the hottest Instagrammer ever, you'll know that Ashley's enjoying some sweet success right now as one of the most famous models in all of Internetland.

She started off on Tumblr and, unsurprisingly, got an absolutely massive following, which she then transferred to Instagram and Facebook. Pretty impressive. She could give Mark Zuckerberg a run for his money in the social media stakes, and we know who'd win the swimwear round.

She's so internet-famous that she doesn't even need to look for work - the work looks for her. Take Kanye and Jay Z's Otis video, for instance. Ashley told FHM that Kanye West's team approached her on Facebook, and that she'd even turned down previous opportunities to be in his videos.

Maybe that's why he took the corners so quick...

So how do you go from being just another Miami model to your very own brand? And what is she really like? Read our interview with Ashley Sky in this month's issue and, of course, treat yourself to her insanely sexy shoot.