Hold on a minute, there’s another Kardashian?
Well, sort of. Technically 18-year-old Kendall is Kim’s half sister, but they definitely share the same ‘sensationally hot’ gene.

Why am I just hearing about her now?
For starters, she only turned 18 a few months ago. She’s also all over the tabloids at the moment as she’s going out with Harry Styles.

Not another one?
Sadly, yes. After having his way with Taylor Swift and Caroline Flack, the floppy-haired teenager is now officially dating Kendall.

Quite. Don’t worry though, they’ll probably have broken up by the time you finish this article.

Great. So how can I make her my girlfriend?
Well, for a start, you can be famous. And moneyed. And live in Hollywood. And be really handsome. If you tick those boxes you stand a shot.

What’s the best way to impress her?
She’s really into Instagram. Thanks to a lot of sexy selfies, she’s one of the most followed people in the world, with over 8.5 million followers.

What else has she done to be so bloody famous?
Apart from starring in Keeping Up With The Kardashians, she’s done some runway modelling. But yeah, she is pretty much just famous for being famous.

But when you’re that amazingly hot, it doesn’t matter, right?


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