But we already know that Miranda Kerr is outrageously hot…
That might be so. But she's just starred in a brand new advert for Reebok: 31 seconds of pure happiness where she strips down to nothing but her trainers (spoiler alert).

Why don't we get to see the goods?
This is a trainer advert, sonny, not a window into your wildest dreams.

Why is she doing an advert for trainers?
Because if anyone knows a darn thing about being supremely fit, it's this Australian goddess. Just look at her Instagram.

Hey! That last one was a picture from the same campaign.
If you noticed that, you need to revisit your priorities.

Our priority is making her fall completely in love with us. How can we make it happen?
Well, generally she seems to go for famous acting types like Orlando Bloom, but it's always good to dream. If you're ever in the position to woo her, you should know that she really likes roses...

...and playing noughts and crosses...

...and writing her own books... ...and hanging out with all the other amazing Victoria's Secret Angels.

All you need to do is befriend one of these ethereal creatures and we're suuuure you'll be in there.

As if you needed another reason to fancy her, we should also mention that she turned up at last night's Vanity Fair Oscars party looking like this:

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