Remember in the Matrix Reloaded, where Trinity (Carrie-Anne Moss) and Persephone (Monica Belluci) kiss in the bathrooms at that club? 

That was a bit of a formative moment for some of us. Young men, excited to be watching the sequel to one of the most important films of their generation, suddenly exposed to Monica Bellucci wearing that tight white dress, kissing another woman.

monica bellucci matrix pistol
Knocks the Woman in Red into a cocked hat

Good times. Good times.

Well, Carrie-Anne Moss has dropped off the radar (she was in Memento, and Chocolat, and... uh...) and Monica Bellucci hasn’t exactly hit a career of superstardom either, although she did play a sexy mum slash prostitute alongside ruggedly-handsome Clive Owen in the rather silly Shoot ‘Em Up a few years ago.

Playing a sexy mum slash prostitute isn’t easy, you know, we should give her credit for that. Aside from being photographed in a charming old-timey style for the Italian GQ, as we can see here, what else has she been up to? Mainly appearing in a load of foreign language films that we’ve never heard of, which is a shame.

Monica Bellucci sexy GQ
Reminds us of our granddad's porn we found under his shed, after he passed on

Maybe they could do another Matrix film – hell, they’re rebooting Superman and Batman every other week it seems, why not the Matrix? – but instead of the human plank that is Keanu Reeves, it stars Monica Bellucci and a dizzying array of gorgeous women for her to make out with in tense, steamy situations.

They wouldn’t even have to mess around with trying to tie it into plot, or character, or anything like that. Just Monica making out with other women. Over and over. In the Matrix. Or whatever. Don’t really mind.

We've got no idea what this all says, so we buy the english version instead