Is it just us, or have there been a lot of hot sisters on the site recently? It was only Friday when we found out about Audrina Partridge’s remarkably hot sibling Casey (although not everyone went for her tattoos) and a couple of weeks ago we felt it necessary to tell you that both Joanna and Marta Krupa are stupidly attractive as well.

Not that they look stupid, you understand. More like a) they’re so attractive that they make up feel stupid (much like that Sophie Turner that you all seem so keen on) or b) that they’re so hot it seems like a mistake on the Creator’s part, and therefore stupid.

Monica's hair is so tall because she uses it to carry around her lunch

We’re not sure if it makes sense either, but it’s got a nice ring to it, so let’s stick with it. Monica Cruz, then, is the Marta to Penelope Cruz’ Joanna. She’s nowhere near as famous, but she’s still an actress and a dancer who does most of her work in Spain. Which is why you’ve never heard of her before.

She promoted a bag, apparently, in Barcelona, at some sort of event. Some sort of bag promotional event, we can assume, or at the very least the sort of even where promoting a bag is seen as a good thing.

Bags: weirdly flat

The bag proclaims that you can “Be Green Be Chic,” which is nice and all, and a similar sentiment to the Vivienne Westwood line of “Get A Life” eco-friendly jewellery, although sadly without the endorsement of Christina Hendricks’ enormous breasts. Ho hum.