Monika Pietrasinska has one of the hardest names to spell on this website. Even amongst sterling competition like Candice Swanepoel, Bongkoj Kongmalai, Hayden Panettiere and Kasia Smutniak, it's pretty tricky. So we’ve had to copy Monika’s surname and paste it in every time we type it. “Pietrasinska.” See, that took no effort at all.

The actual hardest name to spell? Yardthip Rajpal

Aside from making life very hard in specialist model-themed spelling bees, Miss Pietrasinska (again, no effort taken there) is a rather excellent Polish lingerie model. We can’t find much else out about her, and our exhaustive research process (30 seconds on Google) has failed us. It quite often fails us, which is why we make so much of this stuff up.

Maybe we need a better research process. 45 seconds on Google, maybe? A minute?

That girl she's with looks a lot like Lauren Laverne. But pissed off

Here’s Monika, then, posing for a lingerie company called Alles on a bed that just so happens to be in the middle of a field. We’re not entirely sure, but we reckon that it’s not really a field and is in fact, thanks to the lies that marketing companies use on us, a set done up to look like the outside world.

With fake plants and trees and everything

Mark our worlds, this is just the first step. Pretty soon nothing you see in lingerie shoots will be real. All the models will be replaced by highly advanced robots, the furniture will be green screened in after the photos have been taken, and all the bras will just have been drawn on the robots in pen by an intern.

Sweet baby Jesus, but those are some big pants

These are dark times we live in, people. Dark, sexy times.

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