Remember back when it was sunny and not just this endless wash of pale, bright greyness covering the sky? It was about a fortnight ago. It was lovely. Myleene Klass remembers.

Because when it’s hot, you can appreciate a fine refrigerated beverage – unlike now, when we’re holding cups of tea in our gloved hands just to try and stay warm – and Myleene Klass wants you to experience just that as she’s promoting a pop-up Coca-Cola bar in London.

If you’re from the countryside, you might not know what pop-up bars are – probably too busy mucking out the barley or mowing the sheep or whatever it is you do to keep up with all our high-falutin’ city ways. It’s a pretty straightforward concept. If you want to promote a drink, you set up an outlet that only sells that product and then shut it down after about a month.

 Myleene Klass enjoys a Coca-Cola in foxy 50's get-up
This machine produces Coca-Cola somehow, presumably with myriad cogs and terrible whirring gears

They're a loss leader because there’s no way you can make money out of such an enterprise, but it raises awareness and lets you take pictures of Myleene Klass wearing foxy 50s get-up. And any excuse for that is fine by us.

It’s not, sadly, a bar that suddenly appears when you pull a lever – which would be awesome. Although no-one would be able to find it until they pulled the lever, and then they might not want to buy a coke and it’d be awkward because the entire bar just appeared.

So Coca-Cola, on account of them having indeterminately flavoured sold brown carbonated fluid in distinctively-shaped bottles for 125 years, have set up one of these pop-up bars in Selfridges down here in London. If for some reason you’re in Selfridges and you fancy a refreshing beverage (and you’re okay with that beverage being Coke) then you can now go and buy some and drink it.

You’ve missed Myleene Klass, though, we’re afraid. She's long gone.