They're a curious phenomena, media storms. Sometimes we think that stuff just gets endlessly made up by publicists in an attempt to get more coverage. But that's only on our more cynical, existential days, when we question whether anything, including the coffee mug in front of us now, can be taken at face value. So, when several usually upstanding publications ran articles saying that Nadine Coyle had accused Cheryl Cole of miming on last Sunday's X Factor, the second Falklands War almost broke out. "It is scary how people take twisted media reports as truth," tweeted a peeved Nadine. "I have no interest in speaking badly of anyone! Have not, will not." So, there you have it.

Just in case you didn't catch it first time around, this was Nadine at the Q Awards, happily oblivious to the influence of that nasty luciferian spawn, the media. It's that curious dichotomy that comes with fame, the feeling of needing them and hating them simultaneously. There's some philosophical treatise regarding this sort of duality, but we can't remember what it is. When it comes to us, we'll devote our entire 'Girls' page to publishing it, accompanied by plenty of pictures of the relevant philosopher in a variety of studious poses, and maybe even a grainy TV interview. If that won't get you going, nothing will.