Nadine Coyle is so bloody Irish. Just listen to her go. She totally sounds like an Irish person. One that lives in Ireland. With other Irish people. You know.

So listen. This article is really a love letter to man called Josh Woodfin who’s a Senior Writer at FHM but is leaving today to go and be a freelancer. Basically he’s a brilliant man and the FHM office will be a bit totes rubs for a while before we all gather our senses and realise that it’s not actually the worst thing that’s ever happened because it is possible for people who have worked together to sometimes meet up in a non work-based scenario. At the moment it totally blows because he sits opposite the man writing this article and he’s got this really excellent face that’s ruddy like Ray Mears and blonde like Daniel Craig and handsome like Guy Ritchie and regal like Henry VIII. This man will miss that face and the noises that come out of that face. There’s no way you know anyone funnier than Josh Woodfin because there is no one funnier than Josh Woodfin. You can argue if you like but you’ll be wrong because we’ve used science. He likes big dinners and is a huge fan of his mum.

We bet people won't miss Nadine Coyle when Girls Aloud break up as much as we’ll miss Josh Woodfin. That’s not a diss at Nadine, she seems lovely. But those badass bitches don’t hang out much these days because no one gives a shit about Girls Aloud anymore because Lady Gaga’s here.