Q magazine is holding an awards ceremony today, so there are lots of musical types now at a pub in London getting quite hammered and talking to other musical people while they all wear black. One of the people probably at that pub, unless she decided to go home, is Nadine Coyle. She has taken her very long legs with her.

Nadine Coyle at the Q Awards 2010

Nadine wasn't picking up an award at the show – she's too new for that. She was 'building her profile' because she's just released her solo album, which means going to events where press will be and saying how much you love your new album/film/TV show/range of ethically farmed fish finger. We've not heard her album. It might be good. She's definitely a good singer. She is also extremely beautiful, something it can be easy to forget when someone spends a lot of time stood next to Cheryl Cole, who is also extremely beautiful, but more famous, despite not being as good a singer. Fame is tricky.

Nadine Coyle's face

We can't remember the name of the pub where all the Q Awards winners go, but we were there once (on the night of the Q Awards, not just a random night). We saw Tom Jones outside, talking to one of the Sugababes. She looked well old. Don't smoke and go on sunbeds all the time, kids, or you might end up looking like an old Sugababe. Be safe.

Nadine Coyle gets her legs out