10 good things that aren’t as good as Mila Kunis

Posted by , 10 May 2011



Mmm-mmm, delicious chicken. This is going to be great, you and the lads, popping down to Nandos for some lovely grub. “Ooh, what heat? Well, I’m normally a lemon & herb man, but if everyone else is having extra hot I guess that’ll ding-dang-do for me, too.”

Which is why your mouth is now on fire. And that kid is taking FOREVER at the drink refill machine thing. You just need to gulp some fire-quenching fizzy beverage. But he’s dawdling. He’s definitely dawdling. In fact… yep, he’s bloody-well doing it on purpose. And why’s he crying now? It was only a little shove. Pretty much just a nudge. And of course you don’t know how that straw got in his ear. The whiney little drink-hogging bastard.

You don’t care if you’re barred, you didn’t want to come back here anyway.

You don’t get that problem with Mila Kunis.

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