This month Amy Willerton is melting the ink from our front cover like a fist-bitingly hot sun beating down on the Sahara dessert.

From her beauty queen days where she was crowned as one of the hottest women in the entire world to pinching Myleene Klass’s crown as the queen of sexy celebrity shower – Willerton is a woman that knows more than a thing of two about sexy.

Here are her top three lady crushes…

Natalie Dormer


Known for sexy turns in sex and swords show Game of Thrones and The Tudors, Dormer is pretty much the greatest reason to get your medieval nerd on ever.

In Amy Willerton’s own words: "We'd make a fantastic couple and have lovely babies.”


Emilia Clarke

Another Game of Thrones star and soon-to-be Sarah Connor in the new Terminator movie, Emilia Clarke is like Cara Delevingne’s hotter, dragon-bearing younger sister. 

We’d think absolutely nothing about walking over red hot coals, traipsing across a desert and starting a war in a fictional realm for her.


Gisele Bundchen

The leggy supermodel has been described by both Naomi Campbell and Claudia Schiffer as the “last true supermodel” – and who are we to disagree? (Not that we’d disagree with Naomi Campbell about anything, as she scares the poops out of us).

When she first rose to fame in 1999, Vogue magazine hailed her as “the return of the sexy model” - a welcome return to curves and hotness following years of heroin-chic. On top of this she’s also a massive football fan, ultimate women anyone?


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