Do you like hockey? Hmmmmmmmmmmmm, OK then. Do you like Natalie Pinkham? Why yes, of course you do!  Did you know that Natalie Pinkham is now an ambassador for Investec, a sponsor for the England and Great Britain hockey teams? You didn't? Well, now you know!

OK, so what do you think of hockey now then? That's the spirit! Be a patriot! You know she was also Prince Harry's ex? PATRIOTISM YES. WE LOVE THE QUEEN AND THE POUND AND TEA AND THE FLAG

But we've not talked about Natalie Pinkham much have we? Maybe you want a backstory? Have one anyway. Natalie's big on TV and a bit of radio, and she likes sports - so logically, if Natalie likes sports, we like sports too. At least for the duration of this article. And for patriotism. So lets talk about sports and Natalie liking sports. OK THEN!

Well, sports are her job. She's BBC1's Formula 1 Pit Lane reporter, a host for NFL: UK (that's American rules football, but in the UK),  a panelist on The Wright Stuff, reported from the Highland Games and has done other things with sport and TV cameras. But we don't want to bore you. You get it. Just think lots of sport and knowing all about sport like a scientist. A sports scientist. Except without the degree and the study of exercise physiology. So not really a sports scientist.

LOL hockey goalkeepers

And what's all this got to do with hockey? Her grandad played for Northamptonshire, and apparently tried out for the UK team. So we assume grandad sat her down on his knee at some point and indoctrinated her a bit in the finer points of Northants culture, which as far as we can tell involves a lot of rugby union clubs, some beer festivals and hosting the Grand Prix.

So, what will she be doing as the ambassador for GB and England?

Supporting the England & GB hockey teams on the build up to Olympics apparently. But nobody is telling us nothin'.

So look at some pictures instead.

Nice shoes