Lovely, lovely Natalie Portman. Even though people aren’t sure if she can dance for real, we think everyone can agree on the fact that she’s hot as all hell.

As we’ve previously mentioned, Natalie (along with her thong) is starring in new medieval comedy Your Highness as warrior-princess Isabel. From the looks of these photos, she’s set to kick some serious olde-worlde arse – plus it’s also got pale sexpot Zooey Deschanel in it.

Sales of the new Wind-Up Natalie Portman went through the roof

Natalie’s been under fire recently because of a “hand double” from Black Swan coming forward and claiming that she didn’t in fact do as well as everyone thought she did in the Oscar-winning schizophrenic ballet fest.

Presumably a “hand double” is one up from those people who stroke jewellery on QVC, or a fluffer. Anyone who’s seen Black Swan will of course remember all the dangerous activities that they couldn’t risk Ms Portman’s hands on, like band-sawing, feeding ravenous tigers and the infamous backstage game of Five Finger Fillet just before her big dance number.

The hand double – Sarah Lane, a professional ballet dancer – claims that she did more than replace Natalie’s hands. She says that around 5% of all the full-body dancing shots are Natalie, and the rest are her.

Natalie was indignant when she realised someone had stolen one and a half of her gloves

Pretty sensational stuff when you consider Natalie won an Oscar for her performance. Fox Searchlight, and her fiancé Benjamin Millepied (who was in charge of the choreography for Black Swan and has possibly one of the most appropriate names ever) are sticking to their guns and claiming that she did most of the dancing, of course, but then they’re probably biased.

We’re not sure what to think. That movie upset us, really, having to watch Natalie get all upset and then go mad, and it’s perhaps not all that important who did the dancing. Still. Let’s hope that a lighthearted comedy romp with James Franco et al can go ahead without much controversy and we can focus on how good she looks.