It’s not every day that we get a great big wave of excitement for the TV show Glee, but then again, it’s also not every day that Naya Rivera posts sexy snaps of herself burlesquing it up on the internet.

So we’ll make an exception. The camper than camp, OC-for-theatre-kids show is currently filming its 100th episode. Which, we’ll admit, is probably far more episodes of teenage heartbreak and random outbreaks of singing than we could ever sit through, but it’s still a bloody brilliant effort.

And, as previously mentioned, it’s going to feature Naya dancing about in her sexy smalls.

And possibly, according to teasers, a surprise return of Naya’s lady love interest in the show, Brittany.

Which means more of this:

If you need more of an idea of how wonderful all of this could potentially be, check out the snaps of Naya Rivera’s exclusive FHM shoot below: