Some people will tell you magazines are dead. Well we can tell you now that those people are perverts, and the worst kind as well. The sort of depraved fiends that lead to angry mobs of mothers chasing down and cremating innocent bus drivers who happened to have the wrong name in the phone book and lewd gnome in the garden. Magazines are far from dead, and yes we’re aware that you’re reading this online, but please, let’s not split hairs. If you needed proof, you could do worse than pick up issue one of CliNT magazine. A new periodical from the mind of Mark Millar, the man who created Wanted, Kick-Ass and Nemesis, the latter having just been optioned for a film directed by Tony Scott.

Tired of the British comic book community not getting the respect it deserved, Millar has taken it upon himself to produce CliNT. “I want this to be edgy and irreverent, the kind of thing guys will be passing around lunch-halls and common rooms.” To sweeten the tooth of even the most sceptical reader, issue one will feature comic strips by Jonathan Ross, who’s produced a vampire/gangster crossover called Turf, and another new comic by the master of morose controversy Frankie Boyle. “There’s nobody I’d rather have creating new characters for CLiNT than Jonathan and Frankie.” Says Millar. “They’re both brilliant writers and will surprise a lot of people with this stuff. The last thing you’d expect from Jonathan, for example, is a vampire strip, but he pulls it off amazingly.” Probably the biggest draw for the magazine, besides the chance to read a publication that’s not afraid to toss in the odd cuss word or scene of ultraviolence will be the publication of the second half of Millars most famous story with Kick Ass 2: Balls to the Wall, a full two years before the film adaptation comes out.

So if you’re tired of rolling up magazines and shoving them down your throat in an attempt to turn yourself into a human Molotov cocktail, or something, try CliNT. You might not learn anything, but you’ll have fun doing it. CLiNT comes out September 2nd and Jonathan Ross and Mark Millar will be signing copies on Thursday 2nd September at 4.30pm at WH Smiths in London's Victoria station. You can also read the full interview with Mark Millar in the new issue of FHM which is also out on September 2nd featuring This Is England '86, a fat man in a suit and the word 'milquetoast.'