Words: Lucy Hancock

If you want to make it in the macho world of Djing, it ain't always easy for lady – as Sarah says, “Sometimes you'll turn up for a booking and the security guard will assume you're the girlfriend of a DJ, or just trying to get in for free. You have to work really bloody hard to prove yourself.”

But prove herself she has. Backed by MTV, and with a handful of dancefloor anthems under her belt, Sarah's already being touted as the next Katy – so we thought we'd let her give FHM a bit of ravey education.

Sarah's four tips for wannabe DJs and producers

"Knock around with tech geeks. Be annoying, watch them, study what they do ask them a million questions, they'll be flattered.”

"Don't undervalue the hussle. Whether it's word-of-mouth or online, you can gather hype pretty fast. Don't be shy, promote yourself – it works.”
"Plan about your set. Never play your best track first, because you've got nowhere to go. If you're looking for an easy last track, people always go mad for Skrillex. Just try it.”

Sarah's current top five can't-fail tracks

1. Azealia Banks – 1991
2. Mosca – Eva Mendes
3. Buraka Som Sistema – Aqui Para Voces (Mastiksoul remix)
4. Bro Safari – Da Worm
5. Sarah Young – The Chant

Sarah's top three bass names to drop right now

1. David Heartbreak
"An amazing producer from the US. He really is a don."
2. Slick Don
"A really slick MC, his flow is mad funny, and his Brummy accent is brilliant."
3. Munchi
"This producer is amazing, but he's got a very 'fuck the industry' approach – which i like..."

Sarah's top four UK events

1. Rinse FM + FWD>> (nationwide)
These are legendary. If you're taking your girlfriend she better be a trainers girl.
2. Fabric, London
"The best line-ups in the UK, and the most insane special guests. The queues and pissed kids are a downer, but the music is worth it."
3. Red Bull Carnival, Nottingham and London
"Major Lazer have the soundsystem dreams are made of. Free chicken and booze. Get in early for tickets!"
4. The Stiff Kitten, Belfast
"Good for house, electro and techno fans, they're always flying over the biggest DJ names in the world."

Download Sarah's speaker-smashing new EP The Chant for free at iamsarahyoung.com