She’s a weird one, that Nicki Minaj. We can never make up our minds about her – it’s a bit like Lady Gaga, but she’s actually sexy and not an androgynous robot from the future. Or Linsday Lohan (sorry – that’s just Linsday (tm) now, isn’t it?), there’s another woman who can look super hot one minute and a bit like something you’d smear off a windscreen the next.

For Nicki, though, it seems the more she puts on the less attractive she gets, although doubtlessly someone thinks her daft experimental dresses look simply fabulous.

Also she wore this, which looks a bit like a lampshade. Shame on you Elle

Elle, being the conservative types that they are, weren’t interested in Nicky wearing an inverted kaleidoscope or dressing up in juggalo make up, like she’s done before – instead she’s just wearing some really sexy clothes that show off her assets and don’t confuse or alarm anyone. Which is nice. Good work, Elle. You keep her in line.

From looking at Nicki’s costumes of late, you’d think that her music must be pretty radical, but it’s not. It‘s not actually very good at all. It’s pretty generic auto tuned standard fit music, which is a shame, but it sort of explains why she’s trying to tart up the whole affair by wandering around like she just escaped from the Tate Modern.

Purgatory had picked up in recent years

Still, she looks lovely when she has a go at it. Maybe it’s just a phase. We used to wear our baseball caps backwards, and we grew out of that when we realised how stupid it made us look, so there’s still hope for her. Maybe we can pop down to Laura Ashley and pick her up something sensible.