Last week, every man, woman and their dog went absolutely head over helicopters about two things.

Firstly, that Secret Cinema had to cancel the first few shows of their Back To The Future event just 2 hours beforehand. Prompting one man to go as far as posting this to their Facebook page.

And secondly, because Nicki Minaj posted up this picture of her being majorly bootylicious on her single cover for Anaconda that was supposed to be due out today. Obviously, everyone went mental because, well, just look at the picture.

Anyhow, things got a little bit more batshit last night when Minaj told the world that, due to unexplained circumstances, she was going to have to push the release back by one week.

Followed by this picture: And that, Secret Cinema, is how you apologise to a trillion disappointed fans that you’re running a little bit late.

In other news, here’s a load of Nicki regrams of her laughing at how ludicrous her booty single cover is.