We're still on the fence as to what we think on Nicki Minaj (apart from knowing that her solo verse on Kanye West's Monster is boss), but the music industry sure as hell isn't. She's won awards. TWO awards. How many awards did you win last week? See? Two is loads.

Nicki's a bit of a weird one, to put it lightly. But she's done well for herself off that, never falling quite into the smoking cauldron of weirdness that is Lady Gaga's persona and keeping her music relatively accessible, even if she is definitely anything but.

Nicki Minaj at the AMAs
Often she is surrounded by a small fence

She won Favourite Rap/Hip-Hop Artist and Favourite Hip-Hop album this year at the AMAs (the American Music Awards which we've all TOTALLY HEARD OF don't pretend you haven't) which is great, and everything, but that word 'favourite' prefacing the awards really knocks them down a peg or two. What happened to 'best?' Isn't that what awards are supposed to be about?

Instead you've got this toothless 'favourite' accolade, which smacks of competition-free school sports days. 'All the hip-hop albums are very good and you've all done very well but our favourite this year just has to be Nicki's, we're afraid', say the organisers whilst handing out juice boxes and conciliatory pats to those participants who weren't chosen as favourite.

Nicki Minaj at the AMAs
Also, Nicki put her awards over her boobs. That makes sense. We can imagine doing that

Bollocks to that. The battle for best Hip-Hop album should be a tooth and nails fight to the death – filmed, of course – where combatants can use no weapons aside from awards they have won that year. We bet Kanye West bruises real pretty.

She's not pictured, but Taylor Swift walked away from the ceremony with another three mysterious crystal shards. Ominous indeed.