Vitals: Nicola Cowell Age: 22 From: Liverpool Scared of: Spiders Titles: Miss Blackpool, 2008; Soccer AM Soccerette, 2010

“I’m flying away, running like the wind, as I chase the sun. I’m spinning around, circles in my mind, sailing over ground.” These are the lyrics to Planet Funk’s Chase The Sun, and if you haven’t just thrust both hands in the air, and shouted “Oi, oi, oi!”, you’ve obviously never seen Sky Sports’ darts coverage. Which means you’ve missed out on one of the best things on television. Nope, not the part where fat men throw tiny arrows. The bit before – when these fat men walk to the stage accompanied by the delectable Nicola Cowell.

“I dress up in a costume and escort the players to the main stage, while giving the audience a cheeky smile and a wink,” says the Liverpudlian 22-year-old, who caught your eye while watching this year’s Whyte & Mackay Darts Premier League. “My favourite outfit is the one I wear when I walk on with Terry ‘The Bull’ Jenkins,” she continues, “but the crowd’s favourite is always Dorothy from The Wizard Of Oz. I wonder why?”

Nicola during the day job

That’s a rhetorical question. The former Miss Blackpool knows exactly why ‘Dorothy’ is the crowd’s favourite – it’s because she wears thigh-high socks, a tiny, cleavage-heavy milkmaid’s outfit and six-inch heels. “Amazingly, I’ve never fallen over,” laughs the former grid girl. “Mind you, it helps that I get to balance against the other walk-on girl when we go down the steps.”

And by ‘balance’ she means ‘hold hands with’, an action that, understandably, sends the crowd both whooping and hollering. “You lot really are so easy to please,” she smiles. “All we do is hold hands. Imagine if we did something hotter? Actually, don’t – I know how your minds work.”

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