Yep, both of them in the same place, in the same room, at the same time. Kelly Brook and Nicole Scherzinger, just chilling out, maxing, relaxing, all cool. Actually, it was more like getting harassed by every bloke in sight. But they were both smiling away at the Funky Buddha nightclub in the name of the Playboy Energy Drink.

Now, that might sound like one of the worst concoctions ever, but as a mixer you can’t tell the difference. How do we know this? Because we, ahem, reluctantly went along to the launch party to stare at Kelly and try the drink. And then Nicole showed up and we got all excited.

Nicole Scherzinger at the Playboy Energy Drink launch party

Also there was the Playboy playmate of the year, Hope Dworaczyk, who will be coming to in the near future, where we refer to her as just Hope, because we didn’t want to get her surname wrong.

Hope Dworaczyk at the Playboy Energy Drink launch party

We took along a few friends from ZOO last night too, and while we were gawping at the girls, one of them (mentioning no names, web writer Laurence Mozafari) couldn’t stop going on about the fact that he’d had his photo taken with Jack Tweed. And he later bailed out of a taxi full of glamour models heading to a party…we had to have words with him.

Kelly Brook at the Playboy Energy Drink launch in a black dress

Words weren’t really enough though, so we’re going to lock him in a dark room and just play the opening line to Going Through Hell by The Streets on repeat until he cracks*. And you thought waterboarding was bad…

*It didn't take Laurence long to crack, he's already saying he was mocking J-Twee and his work. We're not convinced, he seemed pretty giddy.

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