Nicole Scherzinger was doing her job this week, and that job involved looking incredible, wearing clothes that accentuated her incredible figure and occasionally pouting at people who sang on cruise ships but dreamed of ‘making it big’.

We think that sounds like an easy job, but Nicole was wearing knee-length leopard-pattern boots, and it looks proper hot in the picture, so you can imagine all kinds of perspiration hell she was going through. What a trooper.

 Nicole Scherzinger knee-length boots
Phil Mitchell was astonished at Nicole's twisted ankle

Come to think of it, were those real leopards used to make her boots? We hope not, since we’re pretty big fans of the spotted big cats. And like, aren’t they pretty endangered? Last time we checked there are only about 34 leopards left in the world.

As a judge on X Factor USA, Nicole will have to decide whether she’s going to be a cruel and dream-destroying ice queen or a very-nice-but-when-she-puts-you-down-you’re-like-ouch-that-was-a-bit-harsh sort of person.

Sort of like “I’m not angry, I’m disappointed” and you hate yourself for not hitting the key change during the repeat chorus. We think that style suits her best.

Nicole Scherzinger Right There
Wii Fit was more exerting than Nicole had anticipated

Anyway, on the subject of Nicole Scherzinger, we have a picture of her dancing in a Pocahontas-style outfit. This is from her song Right There which might be about furniture removal.

She’s saying ‘Put my armchair right there, no, not over there’ or something. In order to really access the emotion of the song, Nic-Scherz actually moved her house to try and understand what the lyrics were about.

For contributing to her art in such a way, we salute you, Nicole Scherzinger.