Nicole Scherzinger, free of the chains that were the other Pussycat Dolls, has soared to ascendance as a Pop Queen. Her life’s now all fancy parties, smiling for the cameras, recording her music, canoodling with Lewis Hamilton and generally having a lovely time.

However, something we don’t think about very often is how bloody awkward it must be to have to film videos for all your singles. Like this one, here, called Right There (presumably as in “hold on, I’ll be right there” rather than “mustard is better than ketchup, you’re right there”) where she’s all done up in silly clothes and dancing around.

Nicole Scherzinger dances for her new music video
Invisible waterslide!

Admittedly, it’s still probably more fun than doing accounts all day or mopping the floors at a hospital, but as far as jobs go it’s got “don’t mind jumping around in stupid clothing for everyone to see” pretty high up there on the list of job requirements.

(by the way, we’re not sure why these pics are taken from such an extreme angle. Maybe they were snapped by an entrepreneurial chap on a nearby bridge, or a window-cleaner with an interest in amateur photography happened to have his camera with him and took them on his lunch break. Or a giant took them. A great big giant like in the BFG)

Nicole Scherzinger dances for her new music video
Invisible skateboard!

She’s like some sort of sexy Native American, maybe, or maybe it’s more of a post-apocalyptic theme they’re going for – we can’t tell right now. But more importantly, she’s looking fantastic even whilst wearing a mix between a hacked-up leotard, a lampshade, and a dead snow fox.

Nicole Scherzinger dances for her new music video
Invisible flute!

We wish we could do that. Last time we tried, they wouldn’t even let us into the club.