Are you a morning person? Studies/the last few weeks have shown we are at our most productive at around 4pm onwards, but then at home-time all productiveness goes out the window as we throw our papers in the air and scream with girlish glee as we run home to watch Masterchef.

If Nicole Scherzinger was on our telly more often in the morning, instead of potato-shaped oaf Adrian Chiles, we’d probably wake up, be perkier and thus get that promotion we’ve been hankering for.

"So... does anyone watch this programme? Who am I singing to?"

And this week, she was. Nicole was hanging out with Lorraine (begrudgingly, we assume) on Tuesday morning before singing her new single Don’t Hold Your Breath, which got us excited when we saw the video last month.

We saw a bit of Nicole chatting, singing, you know, and we have to say, it was the best start to the day we could have. From there, everything just went right. Below is a list of things that made our day really, really good.

-We managed to catch out train on time.

-We got a seat on the tube. Seriously, this never happens.

-At our local mass-produced coffee establishment, the lady made an extra cup of tea by mistake, and let us have it for free.

-Found a pound while walking to the office.

-Ran down a flight of stairs in a hurry and didn’t slip and break our neck.

-Got a packet of Fruit Pastilles and were amazed to find it mainly consisted of red ones.

Never before has a day been full of such good fortune. And we have you to thank, Nicole. TA VERY MUCH.